Creating a Breakthrough, Inclusive Performance Culture

By definition, culture is “the ideas, customs, and social behavior of a particular people or society.”

An inclusive culture is one that embraces and celebrates each contributor’s differences – differences in experiences, backgrounds, and ways of thinking. There’s a lot of research indicating that inclusive businesses have more highly engaged, motivated, and productive workforces.  This session discusses the critical role of leadership in creating a truly inclusive environment through cultural awareness and cultural competency.

An Integrated Management System Approach to Sustainability

Travis Kruse, PhD, CSP, CHMM, Sr. Director, Safety & Sustainability Solutions Strategy, Grainger — Organizations are tasked with managing and continuing to improve environmental, health, safety, and sustainability. With synergies and select overlap organizations must “do more with less” and approach the management strategy in a lean, efficient, and effective way.  This session will outline those synergies and share a management system approach to addressing the challenge.

Investing Through Education: BCSP Foundation Scholarships and Grants

Jordan Geibig, CHST, GSP, STSC Vice-Chair of BCSP’s Emerging Professionals Committee, and Joshua Yates, GSP Emerging Professionals Committee Member, discuss the benefits of the Graduate Safety Practitioner (GSP) designation, attending a Qualified Academic Program (QAP), and the grants and scholarships offered by the BCSP Foundation.

2021 BCSP R&I Summit Keynote: Dr. Jay R. Harf

Effective OHS professionals must be able to adapt when advising stakeholders and leveraging influence on decisions about matters impacting workplace safety. In this session, Dr. Jay Harf will discuss how L’Oréal is investing in mixed-methods research that informs organizational decision-making about environmental, health, safety, and sustainability (EHSS) initiatives.  Dr. Harf will explore how influential safety leadership research has informed EHSS practice to affect EHSS performance outcomes.

The future safety professional’s role is transforming from a technical and compliance-based manager to an innovative, adaptive servant leader. This Influential Safety leadership initiative is ongoing research conducted by Dr. Harf at L’Oréal NA to create a collaborative learning ecosystem for organizational EHSS professional development, elite management systems, and sustainability

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Interview Prep: The 5×5 Model

Why do we have to interview? – By far, the most significant factor in failures of job interviewing is directly tied to a lack of preparation. While most people think they can just “wing it,” few are really capable of this level of spontaneous conversation. Preparing for your upcoming interview is at least equally important to what happens DURING the interview. Come learn the 5×5 interview prep model before your next interview!

The Safety Training Ninja Goes Virtual

It is hard to be a top-notch safety pro and still find time to deliver great training. Tired of compliance-based lectures, and begging people to come and pay attention? Well stop working so hard and work smarter, be like the Safety Training Ninja© who uses the tools as a master and slices through training challenges.

Selling Safety in the Workplace

Getting everyone within an organization to be on the same safety page is often a challenging and seemingly impossible endeavor. This session will empower and show anyone responsible for safety how to transform their company leaders into champions of the cause. J.A. Rodriguez Jr., CSP, ASP travels the world mentoring leaders, labor, and safety professionals on how to convert their organizations from passive safety program participants into active advocates of a safer workplace. J.A. is the Vice President of Strategic Advancement & Learning Solutions at the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP). Be prepared to think differently.

Purpose, Potential, and Play

Let’s talk about the real-world challenges of being a safety professional. There are hard times, there can be burnout, and it will lead some of us to question our career choices. In this presentation, Rachel Walla CSP, CIH, focuses on ways you can overcome those challenges by building on your strengths, cultivating resilience, and growing your career in the process. It starts with finding purpose in your work, discovering your potential, and having fun while you’re at it!