Building a safer future through strategic partnerships and investment in research and education.

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How will we accomplish our mission?

What began as an investment in student scholarships and a commitment to safety education through established academic programs, is now a global effort to impact change.

Today, the BCSP Foundation has established a number of programs to support the safety community through critical priorities as defined by the educational needs of young workers, the promulgation of the EHS workforce, and fostering research and innovation that will change the way in which we work.

With the support of our community of donors, partners, and volunteers who share our vision, the BCSP Foundation will continue to build upon BCSP’s legacy of moving the industry forward.

We invite you to join us in supporting our mission of creating a world where safety is valued and practiced by all.


Research & Innovation

Advancing the Industry

Progress is achieved when the status quo is challenged. By investing in research and innovation, we serve as a catalyst for change across the industry and higher education, creating a better, brighter, and safer future for all.

Research & Innovation

With strategic investment in research and innovation, the BCSP Foundation provides opportunities to create a better, safer future for all.

How we do it:

  • By funding academic and entrepreneurial research through grants and scholarships.

  • By translating research into practice via our peer-reviewed journal SHIFT.

  • By providing opportunities for connection, collaboration, and learning at our biennial Research and Innovation Summit.


New Research Now Available

SHIFT: Global EHS Research to Practice is a scientific, subscription-based electronic journal dedicated to the advancement and enrichment of the global safety community. SHIFT provides a platform for research conducted by and for safety professionals across the globe in a broad span of industries, specializations, and career stages.

Grantee Highlight

Dr. Sharita Green-Ngounda, EdD, MS, SMS

Concordia University of Chicago/Underserved Worker Populations

Dr. Green-Ngounda's research aims to explain and better understand the specific psychological, physical, and cognitive challenges experienced by underserved worker populations impacting occupational training in an occupational environment.


Awarded in Research & Innovation grants and scholarships in 2023.

Funding Opportunities

Grants & Scholarships


Workforce Development

Supporting safety practitioners

Though often the unsung heroes, safety professionals are a critical part of our workforce and communities. By providing education, tools, and career pathways for practitioners in the EHS field, we help individuals attain success and, in turn, create a qualified pipeline of trained safety professionals.

Workforce Development

By providing education and career opportunities for practitioners in the EHS field, we help individuals attain success and, in turn, create a qualified pipeline of trained safety professionals.

How we do it:

  • By providing free education via our online learning resources.

  • By partnering with industry leaders, and increasing the number of skilled individuals in the workplace.

  • By awarding scholarships to students in qualified academic programs.


Charting Your Career Path

Since 1969, BCSP has been the gold standard in EHS certifications—and more than 100,000 have been achieved. With or without a degree, there is a safety certification available to you. Learn more about the career paths to safety and join a field where you know the work you are doing matters.

Safety Spotlight

Abbi Williams

Occupational & Environmental Health Science, Purdue University, 2021 QAP Scholarship Recipient

“With the support of this scholarship, I am able to pursue a degree that matters to me. This scholarship allows me to make more time for schoolwork and being in the community with those that matter to me—developing deeper relationships with those around me allows me to foster connections that last long after the cap and gown get back up in a box and stored away.”


Awarded in Student Scholarships in 2023.

Free Learning Resources

SHIFT The Hub Learning on Demand


Youth Safety

Educating & Inspiring Our Youth

We know that a safer tomorrow can only be achieved if we empower our youth today. By engaging with and educating tomorrow’s workforce, we impart fundamental safety principles and introduce them to potential career opportunities within the EHS field.

Youth Safety

To ensure the most vulnerable members of the workforce have a bright future, we provide education, training, and tools that young workers need to reduce injuries and prevent fatalities while on the job.

How We Do It

  • We produce and share engaging learning materials that raise awareness of personal and workplace health and safety.

  • We generate and distribute resources that highlight career pathways within the safety industry.

  • We support in-person events that teach personal safety principles.

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Keeping Young Workers Safe

From agriculture and construction to hospitality and retail—the most common jobs for young workers are often the most dangerous. Browse our resources designed to help raise awareness and inform the youth about safety and health in the workplace.

Safety Spotlight

Rachel Nieves, GSP

SH&E Supervisor at Savage Services/Scholarship Recipient

"Safety is the future. It's the future of how things are and will be continue to be developed, built, and maintained. There's no reason for us to ever be content with 100 people, 10 people, or one person losing their quality of life over a workplace injury."


Median salary of full-time safety professionals. (Data from the 2023 EHS Industry Salary Survey)


Supporting Student Scholars

Columbia Southern University

For more than 30 years, Columbia Southern University has been dedicated to empowering occupational safety and health students through comprehensive, relevant higher education. CSU’s Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in occupational safety and health are recognized by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals as Qualified Academic Programs.

Research & Innovation Partner


For the ones protecting others—Count on Grainger for safety products and services that support your safety mission. Let’s work together to identify and prevent factors that can lead to serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) on the job. Our safety professionals are here to help with your injury prevention strategy to make sure everyone goes home safe.