What We Do

Workforce Development

Supporting the growth and mobility of safety practitioners. We provide education and career opportunities, including scholarships and funding, for individuals in the EHS field seeking personal and professional growth.

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What We Do

Youth Safety

Building a safer future for today's youth. To ensure the most vulnerable members of the workforce have a bright future, we provide education, training, and tools that young workers need to reduce injuries and prevent fatalities while on the job.

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What We Do

Research & Innovation

Impacting safety practitioners—saving money, and, more importantly, lives. We provide opportunities for academic and entrepreneurial funding, events, and community, and continued investment to research through SHIFT, a peer-reviewed journal.

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We believe that safety is a global core value.

At the BCSP Foundation, we are dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of individuals and companies around the globe.

The heart of our work is supporting the growth of individual safety practitioners, developing a trained workforce pipeline, investing in innovation across the field, and providing knowledge, tools, and support to youth—empowering them in the workplace and fostering awareness of safety as a career.

Unrelenting in our focus on the future of the EHS field, we support research and education so individuals and companies around the globe can reduce risk and mitigate potentially adverse events.

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