Jim Beam: Innovating Safety in the Distilling Industry

You likely are familiar with Jim Beam as the producer of some of the world’s most popular bourbon. You may not know, however, how the company has woven new environmental, health, and safety practices into a distilling tradition more than 100 years old by focusing on sustainability and employee engagement.

In the video below you will meet with Jim Beam safety leaders Rick Price and James Trusley for an inside look at the company’s “Proof Positive” strategy for positively impacting the planet, its consumers, and its communities. Listen and learn principles to take your own workplace beyond regulatory compliance by emphasizing traits like honesty, empathy, and service.

The Path to Safety: An Interview with Rachel Nieves, GSP and QAP Scholarship Recipient

Mom knows best.

Rachel Nieves, a 2022 BCSP Foundation Qualified Academic Program (QAP) Scholarship recipient, was reminded of that when, as a freshman at Utah State University, she was looking for an undergraduate program that would transition well into the medical field. While looking through various STEM programs, she enlisted the help of her mom, who, as Rachel described, loves to dig in and do research on those types of things.