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Progress can only be achieved when the status quo is challenged. By investing in research and innovation, we serve as a catalyst for change across the industry and higher education, creating a better, brighter, and safer future for all.

In partnership with BCSP, SHIFT: Global EHS Research to Practice provides opportunities for voices to be heard, research to be cultivated, dispersed, and developed into action, and for communities to come together for meaningful engagement and partnership.

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Released: November 2023. The second volume of the second issue of SHIFT features a letter from the editor, an article on whole-body vibration exposure and musculoskeletal disorders, and a recap of the findings and research cultivated from the BCSP Foundation’s 2023 Research & Innovation Summit. Read the full issue here.

Student Research

By supporting and encouraging students to pursue careers in environmental, health, and safety (EHS), we are fostering a new generation of safety professionals who will safeguard our workplaces and communities. At the 2023 BCSP Foundation Research & Innovation Summit, we were pleased to give nine students a platform to share their work and are thrilled to give their research a home through SHIFT.