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We believe that safety is a global core value.

Safety, and the people dedicated to preserving it, are the fabric of a healthy and prosperous society. Prevention from harm and security of persons are fundamental to the human experience. While often without witness, safety is the essential link that secures our future, and in its absence, we risk loss of life, health, and prosperity.

The true value of the safety profession lies in the practitioners’ dedication to developing thoughtful solutions to reduce risk and commitment to mitigate potential adverse events. In doing so, they secure our workplace, community and society by enabling and empowering others to fulfill their role in an environment that values all life.

Investing to create and grow a safer global community; protecting those we serve.

We best serve our social responsibility and corporate sustainability by supporting the advancement of safety as a true and valued profession; initiating protection of all workers, investing in future practitioners, and educating our youth and the broader community.

As we advance the profession and shape corporate culture by underscoring the intrinsic link between safety and societal viability, we make the case that growth in the safety profession is critical in securing a thriving and prosperous society. It takes safety to advance society and it takes support from the community to advance safety. The strength of our combined investment, allows us to realize the ultimate outcome, recognizing safety as a global core value, in word and deed.


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