Mental health affects us all. In the time it will take you to read this page, one person, on average, will have chosen to end their life. Mental health illness remains one of the leading causes of death and disabilities across the world, but too often, we fail to address it, talk about it, or invest in preventing it.

To support those struggling with their mental health, Jacobs is hosting the World’s Biggest Mental Health Check-in on October 10. We invite you to join us in supporting Jacobs’ mission of combating mental health issues, and be sure to check in with your own mental health using the tools below.

No individual can end this global pandemic, but by making a stand together, we can create a worldwide ripple that causes a sea change in how we approach mental health.

World’s Biggest Mental Health Check-in Campaign Overview

Jacobs has provided an array of tools, resources, events, and presentations to combat mental health illness. Join, share, and take part in ending this global pandemic.

One Million Lives

How is your mental health? Jacobs has provided a check-in questionnaire to assess and keep track of your mental health. Join the over 40,000 who have already checked in with their own mental health.

Let’s Take the World to Its Feet

Paul Hendry, Jacobs Vice President HSE, and other members of Jacobs hosted Rory Mele, Director of Environmental Health & Safety at BHI, to discuss his mental health journey and provide important tools and information to prevent suicide. Watch the video today!