August 11, 2022

Enjoy the Latest Industry News with the SHIFT Newsletter

The BCSP Foundation is pleased to share the first issue of the SHIFT newsletter. The SHIFT newsletter will be published twice each year and will feature the latest news from SHIFT, the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, the BCSP Foundation, and industry news and trends from our partners in the field. This issue contains:

Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention: Perspectives and Practices
Highlights from the 2021 BCSP Foundation R&I Summit
Dotson Emerging Professionals Award
A recap of BCSP’s inaugural Global Learning Summit
Conduction a Periodic Inspection for Each Procedure in a Hazardous Energy Control Program – NIOSH
Preventing Struck-By Hazards – Center for Construction Research and Training
CDC Researchers Identify New Occupational Disease Among Metalworkers
Opioids in the Construction Industry
Worker Safety Matters When Working Near Powerlines

We hope you enjoy this resource; the information it contains is designed to drive necessary and powerful change. Together, by sharing information and ideas and turning research into practice, we can create a safer tomorrow.

Read the newsletter.