Who Attends?

The R&I Summit provides a unique forum for those individuals and organizations dedicated to the advancement of the practice and profession of EHS through active engagement in the performance and principles of research and innovation. Interested in participating in the collective exploration of topics that will drive the future of practice and profession? Engaging with colleagues willing to push the boundaries of established ideas?

The R&I Summit is your forum as a leader, practitioner, researcher, and student. Together, we can share essential research with practical implications and dare to ask the questions that will shape the future of EHS.

Topics Covered

The 2021 Research and Innovation Summit featured expert-lead presentations on the following topics:

Future Trends

Managing Risk in a COVID World

Mental Health and Safety at Work

Safety Leadership

AI for Construction Safety

Business Case for Safety


Total Worker Safety

2021 Summit Highlights

The Summit provided an opportunity for participants to actively shape the future of safety by examining current issues in the industry. The outcomes from the sessions will determine the areas of focus for the BCSP Foundation’s Research and Innovation grants, SHIFT journal, and Summit 2023. The attendees focused on the accomplishments of current research, future opportunities, barriers, and needs.

2019 Summit Highlights

The Inaugural 2019 R&I Summit established the BCSP Foundation's commitment to the advancement of the body of knowledge that contributes to the practice and profession of EHS. Providing space for the free exchange of ideas and opportunity for collective exploration of questions that demand further investigation. Actionable items to shape investment, collaboration and communication, defined by colleagues, for the benefit of the collective good.

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