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Scholarship Recipient on Importance of Receiving Award

Abbi Williams, an Occupational & Environmental Health Science student at Purdue University, received the 2021 QAP scholarship from the BCSP Foundation. She joined us to discuss why the award was important to her and what her plans are upon graduation as she transitions into the EHS sector.

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Abbi Williams

Occupational & Environmental Health Science, Purdue University , 2021 QAP Scholarship Recipient


"With the support of this scholarship, I am able to pursue a degree that matters to me."

“I am in my third year, double majoring in Environmental Health Science and Occupational Health Science. This scholarship allows me to make more time for schoolwork and being in the community with those that matter to me—developing deeper relationships with those around me allows me to foster connections that last long after the cap and gown get packed up in a box and stored away. My family and I cannot thank you enough for this generous investment to further my education.”


Alfredo Valdez, CHST

Owner-American Safety Group, Inc.


"The ability to save people's lives indirectly; helping to educate and just ensuring everyone goes home at the end of the day."

“Choosing a career path in Safety was one of the best choices I’ve made. Being a Safety Professional and being in the military have a lot in common. For example, getting from point A to point B in the safest and fastest way possible. In both careers, your always paying attention to detail. My best advice for a fellow service member is to start early. The BCSP and most bases have programs available that are designated for the military. Start with what you’ve learned in the military to help you make sense of safety in the workplace. Safety is a career that never stops evolving because of our engineering capabilities and the way we do construction changes. Safety changes, regulations change. So it’s constantly giving you the ability to grow as a professional and always learn something new.


Rachel Nieves, GSP

Safety Health & Environment Supervisor of Occupational Health and Hygiene, Savage Services, QAP Scholarship Recipient


"When it came to getting this scholarship, financially, getting it my last year of schooling where a lot was happening allowed me to focus on just being a student.”

“Safety is the future. It’s the future of how things are and will continue to be developed, built, and maintained. There’s no reason for us to ever be content with 100 people, 10 people, or one person losing their quality of life over a workplace injury.”


Lina Sylejmani

Student, University of Houston Clear-Lake, 2021 QAP Scholarship Recipient


“With this scholarship, I am dedicated to obtaining my GSP after graduation and continuing to grow as a safety professional."

In 2021, Lina Sylejmani received the BCSP Foundation’s QAP/ABET Student Scholarship. The scholarship is a $5,000 award given to outstanding students in safety, health, and environmental programs. As a student in Occupational Health & Safety at UHCL, Lina was delighted to receive the scholarship and plans to attain her Graduate Safety Practitioner (GSP) designation from the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) upon graduation. 

“I am dedicated to obtaining my GSP after graduation and continuing to grow as a future safety professional,” announced Lina on a LinkedIn post. “I’m still a little surprised, I have never received a scholarship for academic merit before. I would like to thank all of my professors and colleagues. You all have truly inspired me to work hard as a student and never lose sight of my goals.”

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